>>Gabriela Celani

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  • Gabriela Celani is an Associate Professor at the School of Civil Engineering, Architecture and Urban Design at the University of Campinas, Brazil. She is the head of LAPAC, the Laboratory for Automation and Prototyping for Architecture and Construction, LMM, the school´s Model Shop, and co-head of EMOD, the school´s model architecture studio. She develops research in Computational Design, which includes the application of theories and technologies from computation, logic and mathematics in architecture and urban design. Her work focuses on rapid prototyping, digital fabrication, 3D digitation and automation of the design process. She is a member of the executive board of SIGRADI, the Ibero-american Society of Digital Graphics, and has been part of the scientific committees of several CAAD conferences, such as ECAADE, CAADRIA and DCC, and journals, such as IJAC and Automation in Construction.