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  • Mauro Pereira is a PhD student in the urbanism course in the Faculty of Architecture on Lisbon University. In his PhD research, he is studying the relationship between the built environment and health using the concept of walkability.

    In his previous research, he was working in built environment measures, accessibility measures – mostly by active modes – and their relationship with physical activity. The relation with health naturally occurs by the research work and by the interdisciplinary contacts with other specialists, for instance, from the health field. Mauro Pereira has also worked in several planning processes in the regional and local scales.


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    Curriculum Vitae:


    • Vale, D. S., Viana, Cláudia. M., and Mauro Pereira. (2018). The extended node-place model at the local scale : Evaluating the integration of land use and transport for Lisbon ’ s subway network. Journal of Transport Geography, 69(May), 282–293.
    • Vale, David, Cláudia M.Viana and Mauro Pereira (2018) “Different destination, different commuting pattern? Analyzing the influence of the campus location on commuting”. Journal of Transport and Land Use.
    • Vale, David and Mauro Pereira (2016) “The influence of the impedance function on gravity-based active accessibility measures: a comparative analysis”. International Journal of Sustainable Transportation 10(8) doi: 10.1080/15568318.2016.1144836

    Conference Proceedings:

    • Pereia, Mauro et al. (2017) “A relação entre o walkability e a saúde na Área Metropolitana de Lisboa – a sua relação direta e indireta.” In XI Congresso da Geografia Portuguesa, As dimensões e a responsabilidade Social da Geografia, 2017, Porto.
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