>>DCG lecture: Mathematics-aided Architectural Design with Krishnendra Shekhawat

post date: May 7, 2015
cat: events, news

Thursday, 14th of May 2015, at 10h00, Faculty of Architecture (UL), Post-Graduation Pavilion room 5.0.9

DCG will be hosting a lecture by Krishnendra Shekhawat regarding the automated generation of floor plan layouts which might speed the production of design documents, reduce errors and omissions, and provide inexpensive and vivid visualizations.

Using some mathematical techniques, in this work Krishnendra presents a systematic pathway for the floor plan design when given the shape of required floor plan, the list of spaces, the dimensions of each space and the weighted matrix of required adjacencies between the spaces. In addition, a lot of covariants (associated with the architectural designs) will be presented, that will help in improving the quality of the solutions.