>>DCG lecture: Towards the theory of Solid Voids with Rusne Sileryte

post date: August 1, 2016
cat: events, news

This thursday, 4th of August 2016, at 18:00, Faculty of Architecture (UL), Post-Graduation Pavilion room 6.1.2

Urbanized areas can be conceived as a complex compound of systems, which needs to be simplified based on deliberate considerations and scientific assumptions in order to be assessed.

The representation of urban open spaces is not a straight forward problem that does not have a standard solution yet. The theory of Convex and Solid voids first introduced by prof. J.N. Beirao aims to provide such a solution that would be both computationally convenient and easily comprehensible by architects.

Therefore, in this presentation we are going to discuss how can an automated algorithmic procedure be created for generating Convex and Solid voids and how versatile can the generated model be in order to serve multiple purposes of analysis.

Towards the theory of Solid Voids