>>DCG Newcomers Welcome Day

post date: February 9, 2016
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This month there will be two new researchers arriving at our group: Sorour Ebadati and Rusne Sileryte.
In order to get to know each other and each other’s work we will have a meeting where we present our work.
Thursday, 11th February 2016, starting at 9h30 at the School of Architecture (UL), Post-Graduation Pavilion room 5.0.12.

09.30 – Sorour Ebadati: The role of Iranian-Islamic architecture and urbanism in their Landscape with the aim of identity of contemporary urban space
10.00 – Fernando Lima: Algorithmic approach towards Transit Oriented Development neighborhoods: (para)metric tools for evaluating and proposing rapid transit based districts

10.30 – Coffee break

11.00 – Debora Verniz: Understanding the urban structure of informal settlements: combining techniques of 3D scan and shape grammar
11.30 – Francesco Orsi + Stefano Fiorito: Torino project
12.00 – Discussion on the presented topics

12.30 – Lunch time

13.30 – David Vale: Measuring the built environment for travel behaviour research
14.00 – Rusne Sileryte: Digital Methods for the Built Environment
14.30 – Ljiljana Cavic: Convex and Solid Voids
15.00 – João Ventura: DM4SQUARE – Data mining for public open space classification and urban potential assessment
15.30 – Discussion on the presented topics