News | DCG - Part 2

  • DCG lectures: Social Computing Models of Design Creativity with John Gero

  • September 8, 2017 | events, news

    September 26 at 9h30, at Sala Raínha Sonja (CUBO) of the Faculty of Architecture, University of Lisbon. This talk commences by outlining a process-based framework for creativity before introducing the foundational concepts of situated cognition as a basis for social computing models of creativity. The situated cognition concepts are grouped under: • social interaction • […]

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  • “Sobre o ensino da Arquitectura e o futuro profissional do Arquitecto”

  • February 17, 2017 | news

    O Professor José Nuno Beirão (DCG/FAUL) publicou recentemente um artigo no Jornal dos Arquitectos “Sobre o ensino da Arquitectura e o futuro profissional do Arquitecto – O Papel da Arquitectura nas sociedades criativas“, onde reflecte sobre as qualidades da formação em Arquitectura e da necessidade de a complementar com formação em tecnologias da informação.   Link […]

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  • DCG lectures: PhD day

  • February 7, 2017 | events, news

    Thursday,9th of February 2017, starting at 9h30 at the Faculty of Architecture (UL), Post-Graduation Pavilion room 5.0.9. This session will be dedicated to the presentation of results of ongoing PhD researches: Morning: 10h00 Rui de Klerk Ontologies and Shape Grammars in the generation of street profiles 10h30 Deborah Macêdo Data collection and constructive classification of […]

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  • DCG lecture: Towards the theory of Solid Voids with Rusne Sileryte

  • August 1, 2016 | events, news

    This thursday, 4th of August 2016, at 18:00, Faculty of Architecture (UL), Post-Graduation Pavilion room 6.1.2 Urbanized areas can be conceived as a complex compound of systems, which needs to be simplified based on deliberate considerations and scientific assumptions in order to be assessed. The representation of urban open spaces is not a straight forward problem […]

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  • Humanity and the Architect

  • May 4, 2016 | news José Duarte’s interview in Pontos de Vista magazine, about Humanity and the Architect – in Portuguese, translated below:   Education and formation: through the lens of a professor Humanity and the architect “First of all, I want students to become sensitive to the problems that humanity is facing today, trying with them to find […]

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  • DCG lecture: Proposições artísticas para transformação de espaços públicos no contexto da zona portuária do Rio de Janeiro with Vanessa Rosa

  • April 28, 2016 | events, news

    Segunda-feira, dia 2 de Maio de 2016, às 11h30 na Faculdade de Arquitetura (UL), Pavilhão de Pós-Graduação (edifício 5). Será apresentado a história da zona portuária do Rio de Janeiro, conhecida como “Pequena África” como forma de contextualizar as reivindicações atuais de território e de reconhecimento de grupos culturais. A experiência de algumas pessoas influentes […]

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  • DCG Newcomers Welcome Day

  • February 9, 2016 | Uncategorized

    This month there will be two new researchers arriving at our group: Sorour Ebadati and Rusne Sileryte. In order to get to know each other and each other’s work we will have a meeting where we present our work. Thursday, 11th February 2016, starting at 9h30 at the School of Architecture (UL), Post-Graduation Pavilion room […]

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  • DCG lecture: Graph Theory and Architectural Designs with Krishnendra Shekhawat

  • January 5, 2016 | events, news

    Tueaday, 12th of January 2016, at 14h30, Faculty of Architecture (UL), Post-Graduation Pavilion room 5.0.13 One of the initial stages of architectural design process is concerned with the generation of planar floor plans while satisfying the given topological and dimensional constraints. Mathematically, the topological constraints given in terms of adjacency relations among rooms fall in the […]

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  • DCG lectures: Mass Customization of Housing

  • September 14, 2015 | events, news

    Tuesday, 22nd of September 2015, starting at 10h00 at the Faculty of Architecture (UL), Post-Graduation Pavilion room 5.0.13. This session will be dedicated to the use of shape grammars in Mass Customization of Housing, presenting: 10h00 – José Pinto Duarte on “Mass Customization of Housing – new construction” 10h45 – Sara Eloy on “Mass Customization of Housing – […]

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  • DCG lecture: An application of Shape Grammar to the design of steel tubular spatial trusses

  • July 21, 2015 | events, news

    Thursday, 23rd of July 2015, at 11h30, Faculty of Architecture (UL), Post-Graduation Pavilion room 5.0.9 This work presents an application of Shape Grammar (SG) in automatic design of spatial trusses (ST) manufactured with tubular steel members. SG is a powerful approach for geometric parameterization based on set of rules and recursive application over an initial shape. This strategy […]

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